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Montgomery observed the Deputies knock on the doors and windows and identify themselves as deputy sheriffs. She also observed them knocking on side windows of the cabin as they moved around to the back. At one point, Ms. Tragic death of a colleague brings about this discussion, St Antoine said. We know, these are events that, sadly, can happen. They are part of the job of being a police officer.

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Mook held meeting with Sanders delegates in New Hampshire and Vermont. Marlon Marshall, the campaign director of States and Political Engagement, traveled to the Wyoming to speak with Sanders delegates there. And Jake Sullivan, Clinton top policy adviser, spoke with Sanders supporters in Washington state..

Mr. Basra, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Replacement birth certificates have traditionally been available through an extensive application process. By applying to the parish, county or borough in which you were born, you may obtain your certified birth certificate. It will involve some bureaucracy and waiting, but if you did everything right in the application process, you will get your document..

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